• Our vision:
  • Our Mission:
  • To be a leader in the entertainment industry, and to achieve the projects and activities provided by the degree of full satisfaction.

    That the company offers a system of modern and attractive programs that meet the attention and achieve the purpose of entertainment.


    Art of tourism industry:

    There is no doubt that tourism has become one of the most important resources on which the majority of nations and peoples depend. Most countries in the world have put forward their future plans and budgets on the extent to which the tourism resource pumps revenues and transforms tourism from mere programs into a real industry made of nothing.

    Therefore, our Idea 4 Real Company in cooperation with the largest tourism companies to encourage and develop the movement of tourism from all EU countries to Egypt, and the preparation of various tourism programs through the program (make your trip).

    It is a tourism program that depends on the amount of your income and what you can save for entertainment. We make your trip as you please and the best tourism and entertainment programs from all EU countries to Egypt and all over the world.

    Therefore, we aim through our creative ideas to solve all the problems facing tourists in case

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