Artificial intelligence   ( The first project  )

Artificial intelligence is one of the most important areas of computer work, so that computer programs simulate human mental abilities and patterns of work. One of the most important features is the ability to learn, infer and react to situations that have not been programmed into the machine. So our team created an artificial intelligence system to bring the idea closer. Therefore, the project is considered to be a service for a group of societies that need this innovation to help them in their lives. The project is currently under development for its forthcoming version

Innovative solutions to the problem of congestion in the capitals of cities(the second project )

Now the problem of congestion of cities and congestion by cars is one of the biggest daily problems facing all countries, whether Egypt or the European capitals. Innovative ideas and modern scientific solutions through applying them on the ground to become a real dream, and wake up without seeing traffic or congestion without thinking about where we can safely put our cars with Idea 4 Real innovative services and creative solutions for a better life.

Waste Recycling(the third project )

Waste is an environmental disaster by all standards and it is also a national wealth by all standards. It is an environmental catastrophe if it is not properly exploited for its environment by collecting, sorting, then manufacturing and recycling it to become a raw material that can be exploited in the industry again, all this must be in scientific and creative ways appropriate to ensure the safety of the environment, and ensure access to high profitability. We are now working hard to invest and turn the waste into gold and into a wealth of national sense of the word.