About Us

We are an Egyptian-Polish company working in the field of entrepreneurship and providing all services of entrepreneurship and investment services and marketing, and innovating ideas and creative solutions depending on modern technology.

We have merged an Egyptian company and a Polish company under the name of the Idea 4 Real Company.

We are also working for you and in order to achieve economic, investment and tourism cooperation between the two countries, Egypt and Poland, but we seek to extend our services include all fields of cooperation and development and entrepreneurship between Egypt and the EU to include all over the world by providing all means and communication rings until the dream becomes true, since its beginning as an idea to become a service or a product or an invention or a project that achieves the material and moral benefit of all parties and societies.

Our Vision

The Idea 4 Real Company  is one of the best Arab European companies that offer its clients marketing solutions, advanced services and practical work.

We are the first choice for investors who are looking for quality and honesty together in the field of enterprise development and entrepreneurship.

Our services are always above the expectations of our customers, to achieve the best professional competencies and the latest methods and tools, scientific innovation and creative solutions.